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CRM & Pipeline Management

  • Organize and manage leads, deals, and sales processes all in one place

  • Visualize your sales pipeline for better tracking and optimization

  • Create custom stages to match your unique sales process

  • Integrate with your favorite tools to streamline your workflow

Unlimited Sales Funnels

  • Build high-converting sales funnels for any product or service

  • Choose from a wide range of pre-built templates or create your own

  • Easily track and analyze funnel performance to optimize conversions

  • No limits on the number of sales funnels you can create

Unlimited Contacts

  • Manage all your contacts without worrying about limits

  • Import and organize contacts from various sources

  • Segment contacts based on behavior, interests, or demographics

  • Leverage advanced contact search and filtering capabilities 

Website Builder

  • Create stunning, mobile-responsive websites using our drag-and-drop builder

  • Choose from hundreds of professionally designed templates

  • Customize every element to match your brand identity

  • Benefit from built-in SEO optimization features

Surveys & Forms

  • Design engaging surveys and forms with our intuitive builder

  • Collect valuable feedback and insights from your audience

  • Automate survey distribution and follow-ups for increased response rates

  • Analyze data with ease using built-in reporting tools

Email Marketing

  • Craft personalized email campaigns to engage with your audience

  • Utilize advanced segmentation and automation features

  • Test and optimize campaigns with A/B testing and analytics

  • Ensure high deliverability rates with our reliable email infrastructure

2-Way SMS Marketing

  • Reach your customers instantly with targeted SMS campaigns

  • Engage in 2-way conversations to build stronger relationships

  • Leverage automation features to send timely, personalized messages

  • Track and analyze SMS campaign performance for continuous improvement

AI Conversational Bot

  • Offer quick, efficient customer support with our AI-driven conversational bot

  • Automate common inquiries to save time and resources

  • Train your bot to understand your business and provide accurate responses

  • Easily integrate with popular messaging platforms

Workflow Automations

  • Automate repetitive tasks and processes to save time and boost productivity

  • Create custom automation workflows tailored to your business needs

  • Trigger automations based on specific actions, events, or conditions

  • Integrate with other Growth Garage features for seamless automation


  • Build and sell online courses and digital products with ease

  • Upload and organize course content, including video, audio, and text

  • Set up pricing, payment options, and access levels for your offerings

  • Monitor and track student progress and engagement


  • Create exclusive membership areas for your customers and community

  • Offer a range of membership levels and pricing options

  • Customize member access to content and resources based on their subscription

  • Foster engagement with built-in community features like forums and chat

Call Tracking

  • Track and record incoming calls to optimize marketing strategies and customer interactions

  • Analyze call data to gain valuable insights into customer behavior

  • Route calls intelligently based on time, availability, or location

  • Integrate with CRM and other Growth Garage features for a unified experience

Social Media


  • Schedule and manage social media posts across multiple platforms

  • Plan your social media strategy with a visual content calendar

  • Monitor engagement metrics to optimize your content strategy

  • Collaborate with team members to create and approve content

Reputation Management

  • Monitor and manage your online reputation across various review platforms

  • Collect more positive reviews with our customizable review request templates

  • Respond to reviews directly from the Growth Garage dashboard

  • Gain insights into customer feedback trends to improve your business

Tracking &


  • Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive tracking and analytics tools

  • Monitor website traffic, conversions, and user behavior in real-time

  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Search Console for deeper insights

  • Set up custom goals and events to track specific actions and outcomes

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